CDI MSP course: Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning

This course covers state-of-the-art thinking about designing and facilitating MSP's and social learning. 

Scholarship deadline: March 24th, 2015

CDI course: Competing claims on natural resources

This two week course aims to contribute to sustainable resources management by  building capacity to manage conflicts over natural resources.

CDI course: Media design for social change

Become an inspiring partner in commissioning media production. This course will help you to use media in facilitating processes of change.

Designing and Facilitating an MSP

Designing a successful MSP requires a dynamic, holistic approach, specific facilitation skills and a selection of relevant tools and methodologies

For a Successful MSP: The Principles of Transformative Change

At the core of our approach to MSP’s, is a set of principles which we argue need to be considered in order to make MSPs capable of effecting transformative change.

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