Process Tools and Methods

Check out our updated section on MSP Process Tools and Methods, with over 60 tools

MSP Course: Facilitating MSPs to foster sustainable and inclusive food systems

This course (23 October -10 November 2017) covers state-of-the-art thinking about designing and facilitating multi stakeholder partnerships.

Designing and Facilitating an MSP

Designing a successful MSP requires a dynamic, holistic approach, specific facilitation skills and a selection of relevant tools and methodologies

For a Successful MSP: The Principles of Transformative Change

At the core of our approach to MSP’s, is a set of principles which we argue need to be considered in order to make MSPs capable of effecting transformative change.

Rationale: Why Multi-Stakeholder Processes?

Progress, particularly in relation to sustainable development, hinges on a social capacity for different sectors and interests to be able to constructively engage with each other.

2nd Edition of the MSP Guide

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