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About This Portal

Welcome to the Multi-Stakeholder Processes Knowledge Co-Creation Portal.

This portal is part of a platform from the Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre.

The purpose of the platform is to enable practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge, experiences and strategies.

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Portal Overview



Here we present our framework to multi-stakeholder process. You can learn about the rationale behind holding MSPs, what principles we look at as essential to consider and an explanation of the key components in designing and facilitating a successful MSP.


In this section you can find selected articles, books, guides, videos and other media which contain useful information regarding MSP's.

Tools and Methods

In facilitating an MSP, using the right tools and applying the appropriate methodologies is essential. We present the tools and methods which we use in our work.

Case Studies

Learning by the examples of others and hearing interesting experiences is a tried and tested method. Here we present reports of MSPs on varied topics and in varied global locations.


Within this new portal system, we have the opportunity to form working groups as spaces to collaborate on projects, discuss seminars or events, or simply share experiences. Some of these groups are open for all to join while some are by request/invite. You will be required to register to use this feature.


Here you can find upcoming events related to MSPs and information about who, where and how to make contact if you would like to attend.