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Community members of Mathare slum used participatory visual methods to discuss community issues

The Process

The participatory research by Spatial Collective is based on visualisation techniques that highlight community issues in Mathare slum:
• Eight young community researchers from Mathare were trained in participatory video techniques
• The youth researchers used their participatory video skills within their peer group and the community, to reflect on the issues affecting people in Mathare and possible solutions
• The young people took their research findings to local and international decision-makers to raise awareness of the issues the community identified

The Story

Working Together for Change

Community members in Mathare slum are working together for change. Whether this is as young people, women or as concerned residents, people see their role in promoting and leading the development of their community. In the case of insecurity, young people led an initiative to have streetlights installed in the areas they recorded as hotspots for violence and crime. Where security lights were erected this led to benefits, for example small businesses were set up.
However, the streetlights were soon vandalised. People recognise that for change to be lasting, wider social problems such as youth unemployment also need to be addressed. Issues cannot be seen in isolation and people need institutions and decision-makers to work with them to achieve their own visions.

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