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FUNEDESIN case study: The Amazon Cacao Development Alliance

Author: Goytia, C. (for The Partnering Initiative)
Publication date: 2005

This case study has been compiled as one of a series of case studies on ‘Exploring and Developing Case Studies as Tools for Change’ commissioned for the Case Study Project supported by The Partnering Initiative, Alcan Prize for Sustainability and SEED.

This case study looks at the factors that led to the Amazon Cacao Development Alliance (ACDA). The partnership is explored to provide a deep and illustrative assessment on how conservation and development issues can be dealt with through cross sector partnership work.

In conclusion, the Alliance is providing evidence that participation works, and that civil society organisations, such as FUNEDESIN, can become a bridge linking the indigenous and immigrant population needs in the Ecuadorian Amazonian rainforest to get access to a sustainable development path.