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Grameen Foundation: Community Knowledge Worker Uganda Program

The Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) initiative was launched by Grameen Foundation and its partners in Uganda in 2009 with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, it serves more than 300,000 farmers in remote communities through a network of more than 1,100 peer advisors.

The initiative combines mobile technology and human networks to help smallholder farmers get accurate, timely information to improve their businesses and livelihoods.

Our “CKW Lessons Learned Report” highlights the evolution of the CKW model and programmatic strategy by sharing candid insights on the many successes, challenges and findings we discovered throughout the past five years of experimentation and scaling.

It was compiled using intensive input from past and current Grameen Foundation staff, CKWs and farmers, clients and partners, and key contacts across the ICT4D sector through internal reviews, individual interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys.

This executive summary highlights critical take-aways across various components of the program, including Network Management, Products & Services, Technology Solutions, Results & Impact and Network Sustainability.

From its start in Uganda, the CKW initiative has been expanded to Colombia. You can learn more about CKW at