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Learning social accountability together: civil society facilitated South-South cooperation in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia

Author: Bandyopadhyay, K.K.
Publication date: 2014

Asian cities have been central drivers of Asia’s economic growth in the last few decades. However, a democratic deficit in many small and medium size Asian cities means municipalities fail to deliver key service provisions to citizens, and civil society engagement in urban governance and institutions remains very limited.

This case study outlines how partnership between civil society groups from India, Bangladesh and Cambodia have initiated organised civic engagement and municipal reforms in two of Asia’s least developed countries through South-South Cooperation.

This case study follows the “Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability in Asia” (DLDG-SAA) project, demonstrating the utility of civil society facilitated learning in initiating bottom-up governance reforms. The project aimed to target both demand and supply- side issues in democratic local governance.