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Practice Change in Community Pharmacy: A Case Study of Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspectives (Mississippi)

Authors: Elrod, S. et alii.
Publication date: 2012 In: Innovations in Pharmacy, Vol. 3 (3), Article 82

With this case study, the authors aimed to obtain and present a multi-stakeholder perspective of community pharmacy practice change, where community pharmacists make the transition to also providing patient care practices.

Design: Qualitative study.

Setting: Community pharmacy in rural Mississippi.

Participants: Fourteen key stakeholders of the patient care practice including pharmacists (n=4), support staff (n=2), collaborating providers (n=4), patients (n=3), and a payer (n=1).

Intervention: Semi-structured interviews and participant-observation techniques were used.

Main outcome measures: Description of the community pharmacy’s practice and business model and identification of practice change facilitators.

Results: Change facilitators for this practice included: a positive reputation in the community, forming solid relationships with providers, and convenience of patient services. Communication in and outside of the practice, adequate reimbursement, and resource allocation were identified as challenges.

Conclusions: This case study is a multi-stakeholder examination of community pharmacy practice change and readers are provided with a real-world example of a community pharmacy’s successful establishment of a patient care practice.