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Promoting local innovation and participatory innovation development as a means of adapting to climate change: sharing and learning within the PROLINNOVA network

Authors: Wettasinha, C. & Waters-Bayer., A. (ETC Foundation, Netherlands)
Publication date: 2013, In: Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 9(1): 108-114

Promoting Local Innovation in Ecologically-oriented Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (PROLINNOVA) is an international multi-stakeholder network initiated by civil society organisations (CSOs) with the vision of recognising and promoting local innovation as a pathway towards more sustainable forms of agricultural development and natural resource management (NRM). PROLINNOVA acknowledges that local people’s own innovation is a driving force in development.

This case study zooms in on the Participatory Innovation Development (PID) approach of PROLINNOVA and the importance of social learning. The paper examines how sharing, reflection and co-learning are stimulated within the network, particularly related to local innovation, PID and climate change adaptation. Using several examples, it demonstrates the added value that a learning network can have in safeguarding and sustaining the lives and livelihoods of poor rural communities faced with the challenges of climate change.