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Uganda's HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management and Communication Capacity (KMCC) initiative

Uganda's HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management and Communication Capacity (KMCC) initiative  was set up in 2012 as a core component of the HIV prevention strategy that is being funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID). Its over-arching mission is to help to improve the communication of knowledge in order to bring about a stronger response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda. To achieve this, KMCC is bringing together both Uganda-grown and international experts in HIV/AIDS, knowledge management, and communications to work with different partners in Uganda.

The key thematic areas that KMCC works on were selected in consultation with key stakeholders. They were also identified as the most pressing thematic areas in the Government of Uganda (GoU) National Prevention Strategy. They are: 

  • Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission
  • Behaviour Change Communication
  • Most at Risk Populations - specifically: fishing communities; sex workers; and long distance truck drivers

Fishing HIV transmission

KMCC targets decision makers at government level, by working with technical working groups and self-coordinating entities. They also reach the general public with behaviour change communication through their innovative demonstrative products, such as sponsoring the popular Ugandan TV show Minibuzz to drive discussion around key issues, and launching a myth-busting radio series specifically targeting fishing communities. 

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