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UN Global Compact: case studies of multistakeholder partnership. Policy dialogue on business in zones of conflict

Author: edited by Virginia Haufler (for UN Global Compact)
Publication date: 2002

Members of the UN Global Compact Policy Dialogue on Business in Zones of Conflict participate in several partnerships that seek to reduce or prevent violent conflict, manage the effects of conflict, or rebuild a country previously suffering from civil conflict.

This report presents 5 case studies written by direct participants of the specific partnerships. Through these cases, the authors demonstrate the process by which the partnerships were created, the valuable benefits they provided and lessons learned.

The following case studies are included:

  • The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
  • Conflict Prevention in Azerbaijan
  • Multistakeholder Initiatives in Zones of Conflict: The Academy for Peace and Development, Somaliland
  • Conflict and Hope in Northern Ireland
  • Croatia and Post-Conflict Reconstruction