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Women's Leadership and Participation: Case studies on learning for action

Authors: Hoare, J. & Gell, F. (eds.)
Publication date: 2009

This book brings together lessons and experience in building up women's involvement from Oxfam GB and its partners. Women's Leadership and Participation illustrates methodological approaches and learning points, covering a range of issues, from women's participation in national elections to female decision-making in community livelihood initiatives.

It asks the questions: what are the structural barriers to women's leadership and participation? How can women be encouraged to take up leadership positions? Once they are leading, how can women (and men) be supported to carry out their roles effectively and for progressive purposes? Each chapter zooms in on a specific case study.

1. Women’s leadership and participation: overview
Joanna Hoare and Fiona Gell

2. Pa Kite M Deyo! Don’t Leave Me Out! Haitian women demand
their right to participate in public affairs
Kristie van Wetering

3. Creating the space to empower women fi shers: lessons from the
Aurora Urgel and Gaynor Tanyang

4. Strengthening the voices of women leaders: lessons from Cambodia
Menh Navy

5. Breaking the barriers: Sierra Leonean women on the march
Joanna Hoare

6. Raising voices: training for empowerment for women
experiencing poverty in Britain
Sue Smith

7. Women’s leadership in economic change in the Occupied
Palestinian Territories and Israel
Joanna Hoare

8. Advocacy and national elections: women’s political participation
in Honduras
Maite Matheu

9. Fighting for women’s rights in Chile: supporting women workers
and promoting women’s political participation
Michael van Gelderen