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Advanced facilitation course, UK

Apr. 13, 2015 - Apr. 16, 2015

In social and organisational deliberation and dialogue, in strategy and policy formation, in political and social choice processes in civil society, agents skilled in discussion-management, group deliberation and decision-making are now seen to make a critical contribution.

Why Attend?
The aim of the course is to produce just such skilled agents, people able to apply a professional capability in vexed deliberations, with or without a formal role but in full understanding of the necessary legitimations of such interventions.

What to Expect?
There will be some opportunity to practice those skills on the course and participants will be encouraged to make a plan for the deployment of specific skills in the context of real projects after the course.

Course Content will include:

  • The fields and ranges in which facilitators operate (organisational, political, transformational, deliberative, therapeutic; mediated/on-line, small and large groups)
  • The leadership of deliberations at different scales and for different purposes (the role of facilitator, the skilled member/bystander, ‘mindful agent’, activist/provocateur)
  • Gendered language and distortions in deliberative processes
  • Specific skills and methods for improving meeting outcomes (handling contributions, recognising and avoiding characteristic biases and distortions in collective decision-making, bringing out or supporting unheard and unorthodox voices, finding diversity of view and supporting perspective-taking
  • Behaviour-based approaches to understanding and intervening in discussion
  • Discussions and exercises generated on the course by participants and used to test and practice techniques, get feedback from peers and tutors and build confidence

Who should Attend?:
The course is ‘advanced’, which is to say that it assumes some experience of leading or facilitating groups, handling meetings or active membership of, for example, a civil society organisation that proceeds through deliberation, a board of governors or the management team of a business.

Dates and Fees:
Dates: 13 - 16 Apr 2015
Course fee: £1,140 + VAT
Location: Nab Cottage, Rydal

*course fees include course materials, lunches and snacks - excludes accommodation, breakfast and dinner

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