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Education for Sustainability in Higher Education Conference - Achievements and prospects, US

Jan. 08, 2015 - Jan. 08, 2015
This coming January sees the end of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the ten-year anniversary of HEFCE’s influential policy document Sustainable Development in Higher Education, and marks ten years since the Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF) was established here at Plymouth University, with the ambitious goal to embed sustainability across university policy and practice, particularly in teaching and learning.  This conference at Plymouth University will bring together, showcase, and celebrate achievements in sustainability-related teaching and learning, and explore the following themes:
·         ESD Pedagogy: Criticality, Creativity and Collaboration: What are the teaching and learning processes that enable students to develop their own capacity to think critically and creatively in the face of global sustainability challenges and to act collaboratively in ways that pursue more hopeful and sustainable futures?
·         Innovative Learning Spaces for sustainability education: What are the physical and social environments that provide opportunities for new forms of sustainability education to flourish?  What lies beyond the lecture hall that is conducive to student learning through inquiry-based, active, participatory, interdisciplinary, and experiential methods?
·         Towards the Sustainable University: What are effective approaches for leading institutional change, organisational learning, and staff CPD towards sustainability?
We hope to create a conference that is vibrant, interactive and discursive, by offering space for high-quality and thought-provoking research papers and posters, alongside a series of roundtable discussions. This format allows
presenters to be more flexible in how they present their research and case studies, and encourages delegates to move between tables, choosing topics of interest and relevance to them. We anticipate that this will foster a high level of interactivity and discussion in the room, as well as providing useful feedback to presenters, and facilitating networking. 
Please note that while attending the conference is FREE (lunch and refreshments will be provided), delegates will be responsible for paying for their own travel and accommodation. Further information on local options for accommodation will be supplied with the conference’s joining instructions.
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