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Facilitating MSPs to foster sustainable and inclusive food systems (Nepal)

Apr. 30, 2018 - May. 09, 2018

In this 10-days course you will learn what multi stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are and why they are seen as a key strategy for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

We will explore the key principles for effective MSPs discuss how to design and facilitate them, and practice with a range of participatory tools.

The course is highly interactive and builds on the participants’ own experiences and cases of MSPs. You will have active discussions, work on group assignments, engage in role-plays and undertake fieldwork to explore a real-life MSP.  

Transformative Change

At the end of the course you will feel confident to design and facilitate complex change processes, in which diverse stakeholders are able to meet, share experiences, learn together and contribute to decisions.


Pokhara Nepal

Individual: € 2,700
Organisational: € 5,400 for 3 participants (3=2 arrangement)
Students: € 750 (limited availability)

Deadline subscription:

12 March 2018

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