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International Conference On Governance And Service Delivery In Developing Economies, Uganda

Aug. 24, 2015 - Aug. 28, 2015

The quest for paradigms that work for developing economies has continuously engaged policymakers, researchers and practitioners. Often both positive and negative development outcomes have inevitably been linked to governance.  At the same time while many developing economies have been hailed for formulation of good policies, the challenge of implementation has been growing.   

Moving from policy making to policy executing and providing quality public goods and services is the tougher task sending signals that service delivery and governance are intricately related. UMI a leading MDI construes that managerial dimension of governance exercised by actors shape policy implementation.

This International Conference therefore provides an arena for scholars, students and practitioners from diverse disciplines of public management to collectively explo re managerial solutions to the governance challenges in Africa. Participants of the conference will be challenged to move from theoretical frameworks to practical strategies for improving governance processes, curbing corruption and improving service delivery.

Location: Kampala, Uganda