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Lean data approaches to measure social impact: a free Acumen course

Mar. 11, 2015 - Mar. 11, 2015

In this 4 hour course from Acumen, you’ll learn more about the Lean Data mindset and how you can get the companies and organizations you work with on board with this approach.  You’ll learn about new mobile tools for data collection and have the chance to scope your own lean data initiative so that you’re ready to start collecting data in the most streamlined way possible.  The course will be interspersed with real case studies from social enterprises in Acumen’s portfolio so that you understand on-the-ground challenges and rewards associated with implementing a Lean Data approach.



  • A social entrepreneur looking to align your impact priorities with your business priorities and collect data in the least disruptive way possible
  •  A social sector organization looking to shift from a monitoring and evaluation approach to an impact measurement approach
  • Anyone in the impact investing space looking to learn more about how to measure impact
  • You took +Acumen’s longer course on “Measuring Social Impact” and are looking to learn more about one approach to data collection


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Lean Data mindset and the 3 connected components of the Lean Data Cycle
  • Pitch the value of a Lean Data approach to the enterprises, organizations or stakeholders you work with in ways that align with their business priorities
  • Visualize the current information flow within your organization and identify places where data could be collected in the least disruptive way
  • Begin to scope a lean data initiative for your organization that identifies the timeline, personnel, costs, and technology associated with implementation


There are no in-person teachers or facilitators for this course, but we will have technical and subject matter experts available to assist you online. The course will be offered through a third party learning platform called NovoEd.  Course content will consist of readings, online videos and interactive exercises. It will be available for you to access at any point. You can take this bootcamp individually, but we strongly recommend that you find a team interested in implementing a lean data initiative around a common issue, mission or goal.  For example, your team could be employees within your organization; the founding team of a new enterprise; a group of leaders all looking to tackle one class of social problem; or a group of multi-sector stakeholders all addressing a common challenge.


This course should take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. The materials can be accessed at any time and do not have to be completed in one sitting.


You will need a computer that allows you to watch the course videos and provides the ability to upload all your assignments.


Subject to course completion (completion of all assignments), you will receive a statement of accomplishment signed by +Acumen and the Grameen Foundation.

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