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London 2-Day ‘Essential Skills for Effective Partnering’ Training

Oct. 24, 2013 - Oct. 25, 2013

On 24th and 25th October 2013, The Partnering Initiative will be running a 2-day ‘Essential Skills for Effective Partnering’ in London, UK.

Following a successful 2-day pilot course in Washington DC in April, this open training course will now be run over 2 days. Whilst covering all the main elements of the partnering cycle and providing an overview of the partnering process, it will focus mainly on ‘Scoping and Building’ and ‘Managing and Maintaining’ stages.

It builds the skills and knowledge needed for effective multi-stakeholder collaboration and is for staff and consultants from all sectors. The course can optionally lead to participants gaining a Certificate in Partnering Practice.

Washington DC workshop

TPI runs a range of training programmes designed to develop skills, understanding and knowledge for effective cross-sector partnering. Courses are based on the findings of over 20 years of experience which has allowed us to systematise the essential processes of partnering and develop practical tools to help all sectors collaborate and implement effective partnerships.

All of our trainings balance robust theory with highly interactive, experiential learning through role play, ‘serious games’ and peer-to-peer exchange.

We have recently run the course in London and Washington DC, with participants from FAO,  UNICEF, Accenture, Oxfam, Care, UNECA, Hilton, USAID and the Institute of Development Studies amongst others.

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