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Public-Private Partnerships for Transformational Change

Nov. 30, 2017 - Nov. 30, 2017

PPPLab Day: PPPs for Transformational Change

Public-private partnerships can, and do, lead to transformational change. But usually they do not. On this day we will explore what it really takes to use PPPs for transformational change.

How to stimulate change in the institutions and regulations that shape food and water systems, as well as transform how these institutions and the individuals in them work together? And what changes are needed to create deep, widespread public goods which harness sensible business approaches? These key questions form the basis for the day's exploration. 

Who is this for?
Anybody working in or with a PPP that wants to bring about deep systemic or behavioural change in food or water systems: PPP practitioners, investors and donors, companies, advisors.

What to expect
A day designed to make new ideas actionable, and help you up your game in your PPP. 

  • Frank plenary sharing of efforts at transformational change: real pitfalls and what’s possible.
  • Extensive, interactive workshops with diverse international speakers and cases, allowing for deep exploration of topics and taking joint understanding a step further, including:
    • Targeting sector change through PPPs 
    • Re-thinking risk: can the finance sector catalyse system change?
    • Local government and partnerships for transformational change
    • Scaling: from isolated success to system shift
    • Transformation in the WASH sector

When: Thursday, November 30th, Coffee from 9AM, sessions staring 09.30 sharp

Where: New World Campus, The Hague, The Netherlands