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Value inspired leadership course, UK

May. 18, 2015 - May. 21, 2015

This course builds your competence in Values-Inspired Leadership: the practice of leading people towards living in harmony with the values they wish to embody. Defining leadership in this way necessitates an intimate knowledge of self and a deep understanding of one’s context so that it can be transformed.

However, change can be a daunting task for leaders as they are often faced with a sense of confusion and powerlessness when confronted with a situation they need to transform. Yet, the challenge of leadership need not be something to shy away from, but rather, an opportunity to be more of oneself and to inspire others. How to reinforce this capacity in contexts of change is a key theme of this course.

As such, participants will explore, clarify and articulate their values, and learn how to create the contexts to give voice to their values. The question of purpose and personal attributes are also key considerations when it comes to leadership and so participants will seek alignment between values, purpose, and personality to strengthen leadership capability. Participants will also compose a life-story as a way of linking these elements and to anchor new-found meaning.

The practice of leading people towards living in harmony with the values they wish to embody is a transformative process requiring reflection and action. Having created a deeper awareness of self, participants will apply this new knowledge to their leadership challenge.  Participants will therefore learn how to create systems that support values-based leadership, incorporate values as part of communications and develop an action plan for their leadership challenge. In the interests of continuing the values-inspired leadership journey, participants will be accompanied for a year post-workshop.  

The course is highly interactive, requires some pre-course preparation, open reflection during the course and includes nature-based experiences.

Why Attend?
The aim of this course is to enable you to better understand, communicate and act on your values and to create organisational cultures that inspire colleagues to do the same. This approach humanises organisations thereby increasing your own commitment and creativity, and that of the teams you work with and lead.  

What to Expect?
During the 4 days you can expect to participate in guided processes to help you better understand your purpose and direction, your implicit and explicit values, and the conditions that help or hinder you in acting on these in a professional context. You will learn a variety of theories, but the emphasis will be on dialogue and experience. The course will involve a professionally facilitated nature-based experience and visit to a heritage site, to gain greater perspective and insight into contemporary concerns and assumptions.

Who should Attend?
The course is ideal for managers and leaders in any sector that face difficult ethical or environmental challenges, or who sense an opportunity to generate greater commitment and creativity at work through greater clarity on individual and collective purpose. The course is also ideal for those who will design organisational change processes that use the latest insights from leadership coaching and the ‘Giving Voice to Values’ methods.  

Dates and Fees:
Dates: 18 - 21 May 2015
Course fee: £1,800 + VAT
Location: University of Cumbria, Ambleside Campus

*course fees include course materials, lunches and snacks - excludes accommodation, breakfast and dinner

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