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Workshop: Collaborative process of multi-stakeholder partnerships

Sep. 21, 2017 - Sep. 21, 2017

This one-day workshop facilitated by Prof. Barbara Gray brings together participants who are actively involved in multi-stakeholder initiatives to engage in an interactive working session on the collaborative process.

Our world has become more interconnected than ever. There is a growing awareness that business companies, governments and civil society have to collaborate across social, cultural and geographic boundaries, to solve the challenges that threat our common future. Prof. Dr. Barbara Gray is the leading scholar in the domain of multi-actor collaboration. This one-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn from her insights as well as from the experiences of the participants.

Aim of the programme

  • To engage in an interactive working session on the challenges of collaboration with other stakeholders 
  • To bring together scholars and practitioners belonging to business, civil society and government. 

Programme overview

  • Plenary talk on Dr. Gray’s new book Collaborating for Our Future. 
  • Collective case study and group work, applying insights from book. 
  • Subgroup work on the cases of participants’ multi-stakeholder initiatives 
  • Plenary debate and reflections.


  • Experience with multi-stakeholder initiatives is required. Participants bring their own case.
  • Location: Stuk, Ensemblezaal, Naamsestraat 96, Leuven, Belgium
  • Registration fee: €90 | Deadline: 8 September
  • Please note the number of participants is limited to 25 to guarantee full participation of everyone.