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Past events

Mar 17

The Why and How of Working with Communities through Collective Impact: An E-Course

17-03-2015 - 21-04-2015

This new, free e-course will help collective impact initiatives better understand why and how to work with community members.

Mar 16

INTRAC Theory of Change for Planning and Impact Assessment, UK

16-03-2015 - 20-03-2015

Interest in developing and using Theories of Change both for planning and assessing impact has grown rapidly over the last few years. 

So what are they exactly? How do they complement other planning and evaluation processes? How can they be applied at different levels and in different contexts? How can they be used to assess impact?

Mar 16

ISEAL Alliance: Sustainability Standards Essentials Training Workshop, London

16-03-2015 - 16-03-2015

This workshop, delivered by ISEAL experts, will provide practical, example-based training that delves into the fundamentals of standards systems, as well as highlighting new practices and thinking from the field. 

Mar 11

Lean data approaches to measure social impact: a free Acumen course

11-03-2015 - 11-03-2015

In this 4 hour course from Acumen, you’ll learn more about the Lean Data mindset and how you can get the companies and organizations you work with on board with this approach.  You’ll learn about new mobile tools for data collection and have the chance to scope your own lean data initiative so that you’re ready to start collecting data in the most streamlined way possible.