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Past events

Nov 6

From Development to Transformation: Citizen Engagement and Social Justice

06-11-2014 - 06-11-2014
Thursday 6 November 2014 17:00 to 18:30 
Fulton A Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

What is the relationship of economic inequality to civic inequality? How can civic engagement challenge growing inequality in the economic sphere? While there is considerable discussion of rising inequality around the world, there is remarkably little attention paid to the interrelationships amongst forms of economic, social and political citizenship.

Nov 3

Gender-sensitive governance: what does it look like and how can we work towards it? Online event'

03-11-2014 - 28-11-2014
Monday 3 November 2014 - Friday 28 November 2014 

This free web-based course provides participants with a general grounding in the current concepts of governance from a gender perspective and offers some examples and resources for applying these within key governance institutions, with a focus on governments.

Note - this is the second in-take for this course. The first was in September 2014. A third may be offered in February 2015, subject to demand.

Oct 27

Leave no-one behind: tackling inequalities through social justice post-2015 (streamed live online)

27-10-2014 - 27-10-2014

27 October 2014 11:00 - 13:30 (GMT+01 (BST))

Location: ODI, UK

The people most likely to be left out or left behind by development are those groups whose economic deficits intersect with discrimination and exclusion on the grounds of identity (race, caste and ethnicity) and locational disadvantage."

Oct 27

MDF course: Advocacy and Policy Influencing

27-10-2014 - 31-10-2014

Advocacy and Policy Influencing skills are essential to achieve long-lasting and sustainable change. Influencing policies means more than simply budget-tracking, monitoring implementation of laws and regulations, and claim-making. Lobbying at all levels is an essential and integral part of your long-term change strategy.