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Past events

Oct 21

Stakeholder Dialogues Course: South Africa

21-10-2014 - 24-10-2014



Cooperation with different partners can be easy, if you know how to engage them in result-oriented dialogues. Learn how to build long-term relationships with stakeholders from various sectors and get sustainable results quicker. Our course will help you to engage in constructive dialogue with different stakeholders, focusing on your concrete challenges and practical solutions.


Oct 13

Partnership brokers training (level 1) - UK

13-10-2014 - 17-10-2014

This course is an intensive face-to-face training designed to deepen understanding of the changing nature of the process management role during a partnership cycle and explore essential brokering skills. It builds knowledge, insight and expertise for those managing the partnering process from the earliest ‘scoping’ stage to the final ‘moving on’ phase, including the delivery of measurable benefits to all parties. The course is 4 or 5 days long – depending on whether it is residential or not and where is it being held.

Oct 7

Garama: 3-Day course on Climate change adaptation and mainstreaming for development professionals

07-10-2014 - 09-10-2014

Garama’s 3-day course on Climate Change Adaptation and Mainstreaming for Development Professionals is aimed at development professionals, policy makers and planners who need to integrate or ‘mainstream’ adaptation into their work, and institutions that need to develop their own mainstreaming and climate change safeguards systems. The course will furnish participants with an understanding of existing and emerging methodologies including climate change screening, climate risk assessment, the identification and selection of adap

Sep 29

CDI MSP course: Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning

29-09-2014 - 17-10-2014

Complex problems require innovative solutions. Such solutions are created when diverse stakeholders are able to meet, share experiences, learn together and contribute to decisions. Ultimate success then lies in developing the collective commitment and capacity to turn ideas and plans into action. This can be achieved through multi-stakeholder processes (MSPs) and social learning.