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Past events

May 26

MDF course: CSR: Partnerships for Community Development, Bali, Indonesia

26-05-2014 - 28-05-2014

The importance of the private sector in promoting sustainable development, from the local to the global level, is undeniable. Businesses are making ever greater commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through involvement in community development initiatives. However, effective community development is complex and easily leads to initiatives that are not sustainable. For instance because the level of engagement remains restricted to the level of businesses writing cheques for NGOs.

May 20

De Beuk: drie bijeenkomsten over samenwerken in allianties

20-05-2014 - 20-05-2014
Drie bijeenkomsten over samenwerken in allianties.Drie bijeenkomsten met inzichten voor de toekomst.
May 19

MDF course: Advocacy and Policy Influencing

19-05-2014 - 23-05-2014

Advocacy and Policy Influencing skills are essential to achieve long-lasting and sustainable change. Influencing policies means more than simply budget-tracking, monitoring implementation of laws and regulations, and claim-making. Lobbying at all levels is an essential and integral part of your long-term change strategy.