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Past events

Nov 22

UN - OWG Intersessional Multi-stakeholder Meeting

22-11-2013 - 22-11-2013

The co-chairs of the UN General Assembly's (UNGA) Open Working Group (OWG) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will convene at least two intersessional meetings between OWG members and stakeholders, to facilitate the participation of Major Groups and other stakeholders. The first Intersessional Meeting between Major Groups and other stakeholders and the Open Working Group on SDGs is scheduled for 22 November 2013, at UN Headquarters in New York, US.

Nov 19

Facilitating participatory theatre, workshop, India

19-11-2013 - 24-11-2013

Six-day Residential Workshop

The workshop will be an opportunity for participants from diverse backgrounds to collectively engage, probe and provoke a thought process beyond games & exercises, tools & methods, knowledge & skills

Download workshop flyer & registration form:

Nov 15

Net-Map Facilitation Workshop: A Tool to Help Simplify the Complex

15-11-2013 - 16-11-2013

Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes. It is an innovative approach to achieving results in complex projects where many different interests influence the outcome. By creating Influence Network Maps, individuals and groups can clarify their own view of a situation, foster discussion, and develop a strategic approach to their networking activities.

Who can participate? This is an emerging tool that incorporates qualitative data into Social network analysis and is increasingly adopted by practitioners in action research, communication strategy, advocacy, political networks, social movements, program implementation, personal development, project management, organization learning, change management.

What will you learn from the workshop? Participants will learn to draw Net-Maps to structure their own thought processes, in one-on-one consultations and in group sessions. They will understand the typical structural issues in influence network, which will increase their network mapping facilitation skills. Participants will work on their case studies from their own work experience. This has the benefit that, while learning the method, they will also develop a concrete networking plan of action for an issue relevant to their work. Also, this will make implementing Net-Map in future work related cases easier.

Nov 15