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Past events

Nov 6

Book launch - Aid on the Edge of Chaos: rethinking international cooperation in a complex world

06-11-2013 - 06-11-2013

This ODI event will also be streamed live online

6 November 2013 17:00 - 19:00 (GMT+00)
Venue: Overseas Development Institute

It is widely recognised that the foreign aid system is in need of drastic change. But there are conflicting opinions as to what is needed. Some call for dramatic increases in resources, to meet long-overdue commitments, and to scale up what is already being done around the world. Others point to the flaws in aid, and bang the drum for cutting it altogether.
Nov 5

Webinar: Community based solutions linking adaptation and development

05-11-2013 - 05-11-2013

Tuesday 5 November 14:00-15:00 CET

This webinar focuses on how community based approaches can strengthen urban resilience while supporting socio-economic development, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable groups.

Diane Archer from IIED will discuss the role of community-driven development initiatives and their potential for supporting resilience building and disaster risk reduction.

Shiraz Wajih from Gorakhpur

Nov 4

Partnering in emergencies

04-11-2013 - 04-11-2013

​Christian Aid, Oxfam, CAFOD, Action Aid and Tearfund together with ALNAP are holding a panel discussion to launch a new inter-agency research report. The report, Missed Opportunities: the case for strengthening local partnership-based humanitarian responses, presents innovative research, analysing humanitarian partnerships in the work of the five agencies and challenges the humanitarian sector to confront new structures and business models in the context of the changing nature of disaster risk.

Nov 4

SEEP 2013: Partnerships and Cross-Sector Approaches

04-11-2013 - 07-11-2013

Large-scale change requires collaboration. Economic development practitioners, irrespective of their sector or organization, are seeking to break from traditional mindsets concerning the roles and boundaries of their interventions. Sustainable change can be achieved by embracing approaches that focus on optimizing outcomes across sectors and throughout an entire system.