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Past events

Sep 5

Facilitating & Strengthening Multistakeholder Partnerships for Nutrition in Uganda

05-09-2016 - 07-09-2016

This invitation-only retreat, hosted by FHI360/FANTA and the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda, aims to build capacity in facilitating multistakeholder partnerships for nutrition in Uganda aimed at strengthening nutrition leadership and governance at national and district levels. Wageningen University & Research, CDI supports this retreat by co-facilitating the retreat, and by sharing concepts, tools and lessons learnt from the MSP Guide.

Apr 17

Cross Sector Partnerships for Systemic Change Conference, Toronto

17-04-2016 - 20-04-2016

The fifth biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions brings together researchers and practitioners to understand better how business, government, and civil society interact to address social problems.

Apr 1

ODI event/webinar: Private investment, public money: evaluating development impact

01-04-2016 - 01-04-2016

In the face of cost estimates for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that far exceed the global aid budget, leveraging private investment has become a mantra for aid agencies around the world. Consequently, aid budgets are increasingly directed towards participating in private sector projects. But with increased spending comes increased scrutiny and – potentially – political exposure.

Mar 7

CDI Course 2016: Managing for Impact - An integrated approach to participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation

07-03-2016 - 25-03-2016

Most development initiatives take place in highly dynamic contexts: a diversity of people is involved and change processes are complex and uncertain. Guiding your development initiative towards impact means facing the challenges of this ever-changing context. In this three-week course you will strengthen your ability to play a significant role in managing for impact (M4I).

Deadline NFP/MSP bursaries:  20 October 2015