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Past events

Apr 13

Building Effective Partnerships for Development, UK

13-04-2015 - 15-04-2015

TPI’s 2 1/2 day training programme, Building Effective Partnerships for Development, focuses on skills, understanding and knowledge for effective cross-sector partnering, optionally leading to a Certificate in Partnering Practice. The course balances core knowledge with highly interactive, experiential learning through role play, ‘serious games’ and peer-to-peer exchange.

Apr 13

Advanced facilitation course, UK

13-04-2015 - 16-04-2015

In social and organisational deliberation and dialogue, in strategy and policy formation, in political and social choice processes in civil society, agents skilled in discussion-management, group deliberation and decision-making are now seen to make a critical contribution.

Why Attend?
The aim of the course is to produce just such skilled agents, people able to apply a professional capability in vexed deliberations, with or without a formal role but in full understanding of the necessary legitimations of such interventions.

Mar 24

Facilitation Skills for Successful Collaboration, UK

24-03-2015 - 25-03-2015

About the course:

Collaboration skills are currently in great demand to support the explosion of intra-sector and cross-sector working and partnerships.  To maximise the potential of good collaborative working, an understanding of how groups work and how to harness the group's creativity and energy is essential.   This course will build on your current experience and give you a greater understanding of group dynamics and numerous practical skills and techniques to facilitate meetings, groups and team work.

Mar 23

CDI course: Managing risk and hazards in the face of natural disaster

23-03-2015 - 03-04-2015

Natural hazards are a well-known phenomenon to humankind. However, there are strong indicators to suggest that the frequency and intensity of climate-related natural hazards will continue to increase under the effect of global warming. Climate change impacts pose a real and considerable threat to communities living in hot-spots of vulnerability to extreme meteorological and hydrological events.

The case for climate change adaptation

Managing risk and building resilience