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Links to Interesting Organisations

The following is a list of interesting organisations involved in the field of MSP's:

Agri-Pro Focus  

Agri-ProFocus (APF) is a partnership with Dutch roots that promotes farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries. By promoting entrepreneurship and connecting producers with national and international markets, Agri-ProFocus members aim to both open up market potential for business in developing countries, as well as meet with the challenge of sustainably feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

Website contents: resources, network, events, job opportunities is a resource portal for the practice of capacity development and the home of journal, published two to three times a year. Building on the topics covered in the journal, this website aims to facilitate access to a broad range of related online resources that practitioners can draw on for their own work. Links to ongoing discussions and communities of practice are offered as well.

Website contents: resources, journal, blog, network, news & events, job opportunities 


The Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) is a civil society organisation, established in 1987, based in Cape Town, South Africa. CDRA is a centre for organisational innovation and developmental practice. It fosters and promotes innovative organisational forms and practices that seek to transform power towards a just world characterised by freedom, inclusion and sufficiency.

Website contents: resources, programmes, courses, bookshop, news

Change Alliance also on Ning 

The Change Alliance is an emerging global network of organisations joining forces to increase the effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder processes in which they engage. Its aim is to help improve the quality of the design, dialogue, learning, and facilitation, on which these processes depend. The logic of the Alliance is that complex problems demand a new dynamic of how governments, citizens, business and civil society organisations work together. 

On the NING, the online learning platform of The Change Alliance you will find interesting discussions, a Q&A section, blogs and announcements from members of the Change Alliance.

Website contents: concepts, resources, news & events, NING online platform


CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an international alliance of members and partners which constitutes an influential network of organisations at the local, national, regional and international levels, and spans the spectrum of civil society. CIVICUS is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society around the world.

Website contents: resources, network, events

Democratic Dialogue Network  

The Democratic Dialogue Regional Project constitutes an active service instrument to dialogue initiatives. It develops, disseminates and applies diverse social technologies to support conflict prevention and management efforts, as well as consensus-building initiatives in the region. It compiles and systematizes experiences, lessons learned and good practices, provides specific technical support and capacity-building to country needs, and establishes partnerships with other regional and world institutions committed to democratic dialogue.

Website contents: resources, communities of practice, links

Developmental Leadership Programme 

The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) is an international research initiative. DLP’s growing program brings together policy makers and influencers, academic, business and civil society partners to explore and promote the role of leadership (and human agency more broadly) in the dynamic political processes of development to understand how institutional change and policy reform happen, are sustained or blocked.

Website contents: research, resources, forum, network, news & events, links


Eldis aims to share the best in development policy, practice and research. It offers access to the latest editorially selected content from over 7,500 development organisations - all available free to download and possibilities to share your work with over 80,000 development practitioners.

Website contents: resources, Eldis resource guides & country profiles, resources, news, job opportunities


The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global charity for international development research, teaching and communications. The Participation, Power and Social Change (PPSC) team at IDS works in partnership with diverse collaborators from around the world to generate ideas and action for social change.

Website contents: research, resources, events, study opportunities, alumni, knowledge services, news & blogs

IDS Participatory Methods

The IDS Participatory Methods website provides resources to generate ideas and action for inclusive development and social change. It explains what participatory methods are, where and how they are used, and their problems and potentials. It focuses on participatory approaches to programme design, monitoring and evaluation; to learning, research and communication in organisations, networks and communities; and to citizen engagement in political processes.

Website contents: resources, themes, glossary, news

Institute for the Future: Governance Futures Lab

The Governance Futures Lab brings social inventors and futures thinking to the challenge of designing better systems of governance. The mission of the Governance Futures Lab is to reimagine and experiment with the basic architectures and processes of governance.

Website contents: resources, network


The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation, operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation. KIT contributes to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.

Website contents: research, advisory services, training, information services, news & events, job opportunities

Minu Hemmati

This website gives some information about the work, background, and professional interests of Minu Hemmati. She is working as an independent advisor on: Sustainable development, Multi-stakeholder processes: dialogue and partnerships of stakeholders, governments, and intergovernmental bodies; participation in decision-making; Gender equity

Website contents: activities, training, resources


MOVABLE^LAB is a European open, social and collaborative initiative launched to support, develop and connect the next generation of leaders who want to make a positive contribution to our society. Movable^Lab offers moving, accessible, affordable, experiential programs designed around the needs and challenges of the next generation of leaders who want to create sustainable, transformative change within their organizations, companies and communities. 

Website contents: innovation labs, events, news, network

Networking Action (Steve Waddell)  

This is a blog for people who want to vastly improve ways to address critical challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, poverty, sustainable agriculture, corruption, water, …. These are global challenges that require big changes in us as individuals, our organizations and our societies. Networking Action is developing organizing innovations to address these challenges, and this blog aims to spur further development and dissemination of those innovations.

Website contents: about Steve Waddell, networks, resources, blog, events


The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is the UK's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. It’s mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. ODI does this by locking together high quality applied research, practical policy advice, and policy-focused dissemination and debate. We work with partners in the public and private sectors, in both developing and developed countries.

Website contents: programmes, resources, opinions, events, fellowschip scheme, media, job opportunities

Partnerships Resource Centre  

The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is built up as a flexible learning network. This implies that it is at the centre of a (virtual) network of professionals, academics and practitioners around the world that share and collect information on selecting appropriate partnerships and increasing their efficiency, impact and effectiveness.

Website contents: partnerships effectiveness model, portfolio management, tracks, knowledge platform, resources

Reflection-Action Network Toolbox

The Reflection-Action Toolbox is an online platform which enable people to connect around how participatory tools and processes are used in practice. The aim is to create a global community of practice and provide an opportunity for M&E practitioners to access range of participatory tools, promote shared learning about added value of these tools, challenges faced, adaptations and innovations made in different contextual realities where applied.

Website content: tools, toolboxes, stories

Reos Partners  

Reos Partners is a social innovation consultancy that addresses complex, high-stakes challenges around the world. It helps teams of stakeholders work together on their toughest challenges. It works on issues such as employment, health, food, energy, the environment, security, and peace and partners with governments, businesses, and civil society organizations. It’s approach is systemic, creative and participative.

Website contents: services, projects, resources, news & events


Rimisp – Latin American Center for Rural Development is a regional non-profit organization that conducts applied research in support of institutional change, productive transformation and capacity building of actors and social groups in Latin American rural societies. Its mission is to stimulate institutional, economic and social changes that can make Latin America a prosperous, fair and sustainable region.

Website contents: projects, themes, resources, news & events

Social Innovation Generation

Social Innovation Generation (SiG) is a group who believes that serious social problems can be solved. Their focus is on fostering social innovation to achieve impact, durability and scale by engaging the creativity and resources of all sectors.

Website contents: resources, blog, innovation labs and other events

The Partnering Initiative

The Partnering Initiative is founded on a passionate belief in partnering as a key mechanism for creating a sustainable world, because today’s economic, environmental and societal challenges are so complex and interconnected that they can only be tackled by different sectors working together. The three core elements of our work are interlinked, each informing the other two: action research, services & training, networking & knowledge exchange.

Website contents: professional development, support services, learning & influence, hosted initiatives, resources, news & events, blogs

The Social Innovation Foundation

The Social Innovation Foundation is a Dutch based organization. They promote, diffuse, support and initiate activities within the social innovative realm. They focus on systemic change and alternative solutions instead of incremental adaptations within the system. 

Website contents: resources, themes, training, events, network