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MSP News @ CDI

MSP trainings 2016

This year CDI has conducted or will conduct in the next half year MSP trainings in Haiti (in French), Uruguay (in Spanish) and Uganda and India (in English). In Sardinia, we are exploring if an additional MSP training can be offered later this year. We’ll offer a refresher course on MSPs for alumni of CDI courses in India, in November. Interested candidates for the next three week 2017 MSP training in The Netherlands are kindly advised to look at our website

MSP advisory services 2016

This year CDI is applying the MSP framework with clients in Uganda (USAID funded) working with MSPs and nutrition and local governance, and with clients in natural resources management, such as WWF. Other CDI programmes continue to apply the MSP framework in the domains of value chains, inclusive business (eg. PPPLab), landscape approaches, integrated water management, food and nutrition, fragile states, sectoral programmes like dairy (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia) and sesame (Ethiopia).

For more information on CDI and our MSP work, contact us