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2013: Practical Guide on Democratic Dialogue

Authors: UNDP & Organization of American States
Publication date: 2013

This Guide offers a series of criteria, guidelines and tools that allow societal actors to understand better what a democratic dialogue implies as a process, and to undertake successful dialogic initiatives.

The guide has four sections:

  1. The first one offers an overview of conflictivity in Latin America, including several visions and opinions from analysts, researchers, and leaders from diverse sectors in the region.
  2. The second section presents concepts and basic elements of dialogue, including its definition and guiding principles, and it also elaborates on the roles in a dialogue process and the terms of the facilitator.
  3. In the third section, the different stages of a dialogue process are described and explained, from exploration to follow-up, going through design and implementation.
  4. The last section offers a set of methodological tools that can be used during all the phases of a democratic dialogue process.