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Accountability for civil society by civil society: A guide to self-regulation initiatives

Author: Compiled and edited by Guénéheux, D. & Bottomley, A.
Publication date: 2014

The CIVICUS Self-Regulation Guide, a new addition to the Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA) programme, is the result of research conducted by CIVICUS and its members and partners. It features more than 20 case studies from around the world, lessons learnt, innovations and practical advice.

The CIVICUS LTA programme was launched in 2006-7 in response to key findings of the first global phase of the Civil Society Index studies. These studies highlighted issues of LTA as one of the main concerns for civil society organisations (CSOs), and CIVICUS wanted to produce resources that would provide practical support for CSOs grappling with these issues. This guide aims to encourage further self-regulation amongst our network and members, especially amongst civil society umbrella bodies.