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CognitiveEdge class: SenseMaker® Environment

A self-paced introduction to SenseMaker® and how Cognitive Edge approaches narrative as applied to team, organizational, marketplace or environment issues and opportunities. While it is not facilitator-led, you can also learn from and collaborate online with other participants. The course materials go through the process of working with SenseMaker®, introduces the important terms and key concepts, and illustrates typical results.

You have access for 3 months to complete your review. It consists of a series of specially made videos, podcasts and documents which includes an overall environment and approached to using SenseMaker®.

Overview: At the conclusion of this self-paced online class, you will have covered:

  • A review of Cognitive Edge basics and Cynefin
  • An introduction to who uses SenseMaker®
  • What is a Signification framework and its related terms: story prompt, triad, dyad, signifier
  • How to collect narrative or story fragments
  • An overview of sense-making methods and the software
  • What are safe-to-fail probes and other action steps

Effort: No weekly commitment, approximately 12-20 hours to view/read/watch/review all the content available.

Pre-requisites & Requirements:

  1. There are no formal pre-requisites for this course, although it is generally aimed at someone who understands the basics of Cynefin.
  2. You will benefit from a broadband or DSL Internet connection although it's not mandatory.
  3. You need one of the following browsers. Please note the Browser Version! Internet Explorer 9 or higher OR any version of Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.


Anyone who wants/needs to learn the basics of SenseMaker® and Cognitive Edge’s approach. Wants to complete a pre-requisite prior to attending one of the other SenseMaker® online courses.

Someone who has completed this course would be well-prepared for the two-day, instructor-led SenseMaker® workshop, but would not (yet) be able to run a SenseMaker® project unassisted.

Course starts: As soon as you sign-up, you will receive log-in details.

Course fee: $199

For more information and registration, please visit