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Democratic Dialogue – A Handbook for Practitioners

Authors: Pruitt, B. & Thomas, P.
Publication date: 2007 

Democratic dialogue consists of inclusive processes that are open, sustained and flexible enough to adapt to changing contexts. It can be used to achieve consensus or prevent conflict—a complement to, not a replacement for, democratic institutions.

With the support of CIDA, IDEA, OAS and UNDP, this handbook on democratic dialogue aims to present a user-friendly methodological tool that would help the institutions and other dialogue practitioners carry out their work in a more systematized way. 

This Handbook seeks to provide:

  • a resource for thinking about how to address a particular problem or bring about a desired change
  • an overview of the subject of democratic dialogue
  • criteria for judging when dialogue is an appropriate approach
  • a link to the experience and wisdom of practitioners who have taken that route before
  • a reference work, to which practitioners can return as needed to find inspiration, guidance and indications of additional resources on specific topics.