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Dynamics of Rural Innovation - a primer for emerging professionals

Authors: Pyburn, R. & Woodhill, J. (eds.)
Publication date: 2014

Dynamics of Rural Innovation – a primer for emerging professionals is a co-publication of KIT and Wageningen University’s Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) that brings together the experiences of over 40 conceptual thinkers and development practitioners to articulate lessons on agricultural innovation processes and social learning.

The book is about the dynamics of rural innovation – how to work with the changing nature of both the context and the people involved in rural innovation processes and how to facilitate networks of stakeholders to stimulate innovation.

Inspirational stories illustrate how different people – from farmers to extension officers, business leaders, traders, NGO staff and policy makers – have collaborated to make new and successful things happen.

Part One - From principles to practice - covers important background and concepts that flesh out the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of innovation dynamics. Part Two - Getting the process right - looks at the ‘how’ of facilitating innovation and who plays this role. And, Part Three - – Dealing with the context - looks at the role of the broader context exploring when and under which conditions innovation can be enabled.

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