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FAO Capacity development learning module 2: FAO approaches to capacity development in programming: processes and tools

Author: FAO
Publication date: 2012

This second learning module includes examples and tools to support endogenous capacity development processes in the areas of FAO’s mandate.

Learning Module 2 is organized around four major themes:

  • engaging with national/local actors
  • analysing the context and assessing capacity needs
  • focused objectives and indicators (including monitoring and evaluating capacity development)
  • highlighting sustainability

It also offers a toolkit including examples, methods and instruments.


This learning module is the second in the  FAO Capacity Development (CD) series which has been developed to:

  • upgrade FAO's practices on CD (Learning Module 1)
  • improve FAO's approaches in programming (Learning Module 2)
  • enhance learning practices (Learning Module 3)
  • support organizational development (Learning Module 4).