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FAO Capacity Development Learning Module 3: FAO Good Learning Practices for Effective Capacity Development

Author: FAO
Publication date: 2012

This third learning module reflects the multidisciplinary nature of Capacity Development, which cuts across the entirety of the organization, and the importance that FAO management and staff have placed upon it.

This Module covers the following curriculum areas:

  • Learning activities as modalities for Capacity Development
  • Planning and coordinating learning activities
  • The Learning Management Cycle
  • Evaluation of learning activities 
  • Selected FAO good training practices
  • 8 Toolboxes

This learning module is the first in the  FAO Capacity Development (CD) series which has been developed to:

  • upgrade FAO's practices on CD (Learning Module 1)
  • improve FAO's approaches in programming (Learning Module 2)
  • enhance learning practices (Learning Module 3)
  • support organizational development (Learning Module 4).