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FAO Capacity development learning module 4: Organization analysis and development

Author: FAO
Publication date: 2013

This fourth learning module aims to create a basic understanding of organization development (OD) and system thinking approaches, as even a basic understanding can cultivate a new way of working. It reflects the learning experience, constructive inputs and wealth of exchanges from the OD seminar series which was held in FAO between March and November 2012.

The module covers the following areas:

  • understanding organization analysis and development
  • supporting the design of change processes
  • engaging in effective multistakeholders' processes
  • measuring organizational change.

This learning module is the fourth in the  FAO Capacity Development (CD) series which has been developed to:

  • upgrade FAO's practices on CD (Learning Module 1)
  • improve FAO's approaches in programming (Learning Module 2)
  • enhance learning practices (Learning Module 3)
  • support organizational development (Learning Module 4).