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Generative Change Communities Process Inquiry Protocol

Author(s): Generative Change Community (GCC)
Publication Date: 2007 

The Generative Change Community (GCC) is a global community of practice that nurtures and promotes generative dialogic change processes for an equitable and sustainable world. The community seeks to integrate individual, organizational, and societal transformation through dialogic processes and initiatives. The GCC Process Inquiry Protocol is intended to support the community in pursuing this learning agenda.

This protocol builds upon existing insights in uncovering and articulating theories of change. It provides the reader with a list of questions to capture the elements of a theory of change and reflect upon 5 aspects of specific generative dialogic processes: purpose, situation, strategy, learning & adaptation, and implementation.

The Process Inquiry Protocol can be used as a framework for a variety of actions:

  • Developing plans for GCC action research projects
  • Developing training / education activities
  • Designing, monitoring, and evaluating change initiatives
  • Developing case presentations to share work among the practitioners in the community
  • Developing partnerships between GCC and other initiatives
  • Assessing GCC collective learning across these activities
  • Communicating to others about generative dialogic processes and their potential impacts