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Guidebook for MSP Facilitation

Created by : GIZ (CCPS)

Publication Date : June 2011

This one-stop guidebook on the facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes is designed to act as not only a checklist in preparation for the facilitation of an MSP, but also to act as a compass, helping facilitators to navigate through the many phases of often diverse and complex MSP’s. Presenting advisory contributions from experts of various backgrounds, the guidebook also acts as a companion guide, detailing best practices which have been learned through years of experience.

The guidebook works under the framework of answering four questions:

  • What determines the successful initiation, implementation and roll-out/sustainability of multi-stakeholder initiatives with the private sector?
  • What success factors, barriers, determinants and pitfalls should MSP facilitators be wary of?
  • What theoretical frameworks, recommendations and good practice experiences already exist?
  • Can a simple, guiding framework be formulated to inform GIZ’s future development cooperation endeavours?

To conclude, the guidebook presents a useful list of resources and web-links.