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The Inquiry Based Approach (IBA) - a facilitator's handbook

Authors: Westin, M., Calderon, C. & Hellquist, A. (eds.)
Publication date: 2014

The Inquiry Based Approach (IBA) has been developed to facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration for the transformation of situations which are contested, uncertain and complex; known as “wicked situations”. Drawing on learning theory and the action research tradition, the IBA revolves around an inquiry, a question that enables collaboration among various stakeholders. 

This handbook can be used as course material in training for facilitators or as a standalone guide for designing and facilitating collaboration. The handbook is divided into two parts. Part I provide a description of the various dimensions of the IBA and discuss what being an IBA facilitator means. Part II includes a presentation of methods – IBA activities – that IBA facilitators can apply when designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration.