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Learning with Stakeholders: A Keystone Guide to Stakeholder Dialogue

Author: Keystone

Publication Date: September 2006

This comprehensive guide and toolkit begins by discussing stakeholder dialogue as an essential process of societal learning, necessitated as a result of the varying backgrounds, interests, priorities, levels of access and overall capabilities of different relevant stakeholders.  Dialogue between the stakeholders can help to determine:

  • What outcomes they want to achieve
  • How they plan to achieve them and what success looks like
  • Who they need to work with
  • How they learn from their experience and find better ways of working
  • How they account to each other and to the public

As a perfect tool for facilitators of stakeholder dialogue processes, the guide describes the main principles  and practices of the process while answering some of the most frequently asked questions concerning best practices. Finally, the guide presents a step-by-step set of useful tools for facilitators under four main phases:

  • Preparation
  • Achieve Strategic Synergy
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Public Reporting and Accountability