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Mapping Dialogue - A research project profiling dialogue tools and processes

Author(s): Pioneers of Change Associates
Publication Date: 2006

Commissioned by GTZ and created by the Pioneers of Change Associates as an initial toolbox for the Nelson Mandella Foundation, this project aims to map varying dialogue processes for use by social change practitioners. The toolbox is separated into three sections:

  • Foundations: This section provides the theoretical underpinnings and necessary considerations behind the creation of a dialogic process.
  • Tools: Providing a wide variety of tools and approaches to the dialogic process including future searches, world café’s, scenario planning, change lab and open space technology, this section provides in depth analysis of each of the tools and discusses their relevance for differing situations.
  • Assessment: This section focuses on assessing the successes of not only the tools and progress of a dialogic process, but also on the success of the facilitator himself.