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Multi-stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability

Author:  Minu Hemmati
Publication Date: 2002

This book begins by recognizing that multi-stakeholder processes are an important tool in achieving a more sustainable future and by describing sustainable development as a process itself. The author herself describes the book as being about how people and organisations can work together in an increasingly complex political, social and economic environment.

Using expert knowledge and examples of successful MSP’s, the  first part of the book provides the theoretical underpinnings of many of the concept of MSP’s and of the supporting concepts encountered during an MSP, while also discussing the context in which MSP’s are now being practiced. Topics here include:

  • Terms, Variety and Goals of MSP’s
  • MSP’s and Global Governance
  • Key Values and Ideologies of MSP’s
  • Effective Communication and Decision-Making in Diverse Groups

The second part of the book focuses on the application of this theory and this is presented as a “how-to” for practitioners. This section uses first-hand expert experience to provide best-practice tips, covering such topics as:

  • Designing MSP’s
  • Framing
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Dialogue/Meetings