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Negotiation-support toolkit for learning landscapes

Author: Noordwijk, M.v. et alii. (for the World Agroforestry Centre)
Publication date: 2013

In landscapes around the world, active learning takes place with experiments that involve changes in technology, farming systems, value chains, livelihoods’ strategies and institutions. An overarching hypothesis that is being tested in this publication is:

Investment in institutionalising rewards for the environmental services that are provided by multifunctional landscapes with trees is a cost-effective and fair way to reduce vulnerability of rural livelihoods to climate change and to avoid larger costs of specific ‘adaptation’ while enhancing carbon stocks in the landscape.

Such changes can’t come overnight. A complex process of negotiations among stakeholders is usually needed. The divergence of knowledge and claims to knowledge is a major hurdle in the negotiation process.

The collection of tools—methods, approaches and computer models—presented here was shaped by over a decade of involvement in supporting such negotiations in landscapes where a lot is at stake. The tools are meant to support further learning and effectively sharing experience towards smarter landscape management.

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