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A new Weave of Power, People & Politics: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation

Author(s): VeneKlasen, L. & Miller, V.
Publication Date: 2008

A New Weave of Power, People & Politics provides a well-tested approach for building people’s participation and collective power that goes beyond influencing policy and politics to transforming public decision-making altogether. The Guide’s approach to advocacy is geared to improving the lives and participation of marginalized people and forging broad alliances for reform across society.

This Action Guide is designed for people and organizations grappling with issues of power, politics, and exclusion. It goes beyond the first generation of advocacy manuals to delve more deeply into questions of citizenship, constituency-building, social change, gender, and accountability.

Based on 25 years of participatory research, community development, neighborhood organizing, legal rights education, and large-scale campaign advocacy experiences worldwide, A New Weave combines concrete and practical action “steps” with a sound theoretical foundation to help users understand the process of people-centered politics from planning to action.

The authors invite the readers to see this guide as a ‘quilt-making kit’. Rather than preset designs, it contains a rich selection of patterns, pieces, and fabrics. From this colorful mix, the user can stitch together an advocacy strategy to fit particular contexts, needs, and visions.