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Padlet: A Free Virtual Bulletin Board and Brainstorming Tool

In this blog post, Susan Kistler introduces Padler, an improved free virtual bulletin board application. The uses are almost endless – any time you might try sticky notes, Padlet may be a virtual alternative. 

Brainstorming: Use Padlet to brainstorm ideas and get input from multiple sources, all anonymously. Anonymously is the keyword here – the extreme ease of use (no sign in!) is balanced by the fact that contributions only have names attached if the contributors wish to add their names. 

Backchannel: Increasingly, facilitators are leveraging backchannels during courses and workshops as avenues for attendees to discuss and raise questions. Because Padlet is a platform/device independent application (PIA) accessed through the browser, and does not require a login to contribute, it can make an excellent backchannel tool. 

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