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The Partnering Toolbook

Author: Ros Tennyson
Publication Date: 2003

Based on  the experiences of practitioners of innovative, successful partnerships, the Partnering Toolbook is a concise step-by-step guide for those who are initiating a multi-stakeholder partnership (MSP). The guide presents background analysis on the rationale behind partnerships, as well as analysing the core principles of partnerships, while also dealing with the obstacles that many partnerships face. Using descriptive diagrams, illustrations and charts, the guide serves to construct a generic partnering process from inception to conclusion, while also providing stand-alone, tried-and-tested tools including:

  • Partner Assessment Form
  • Coherence Assessment Questionnaire
  • Sample Partnering Agreement
  • Partnering Roles & Skills Questionnaire
  • Guidelines For Partnering Conversations
  • Partnership Review Template
  • Case Study Template
  • Communications Checklist