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The Partnership Initiative Toolbook: Moving on

Author: The Partnering Initiative

The Moving On toolbook focuses on the exit aspects of a partnership a part of the cycle often unplanned or mishandled. It also looks at the the indications of success that can be associated with exits; achieving goals and reaching conclusions.

It focuses on partnership brokering that essential intermediary function that enables partners to work well together and ensure the maximum effectiveness of their partnership.

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The focus of the research highlights 4 key areas with associated tools:

  1. Sustaining Outcomes: partnerships are often created to be temporary. As such, it should be a priority for all partners from the start that the positive outcomes and impacts of their interventions are sustainable. If this approach is adopted from the outset, the concept of moving can be embedded.
  2. Moving On and the Partnering Cycle: conversations around moving on can be held at any stage in the life cycle of a partnership. The Partnering Cycle offers a framework to consider different outcomes and ideas.

  3. Transitions and transformations: partnerships are typically designed to address or challenge an unsatisfactory context. This non traditional approach therefore has great potential to shift mindsets. In addition, due to their temporary existence, working in partnership means managing change and transition.

  4. Managing the moving on process: dissolving or handing over a partnerships work isn’t easy, as genuine attachments are formed over the course of its life. This section looks at the options for moving on, and some tips for handling this process successfully.

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