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Partnership Matters Journal 4

Authors: several authors for The Partnering Initiative
Publication date: 2006

The Partnership Matters Journal explores a range of topics in cross-sector partnerships and drew on the work on those involved in the International Business Leaders Forum and University of Cambridge Programme for Industry Post-graduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Partnerships programme. 

In this last edition, special attention is given to partnerships with the private sector, including several case studies.


  • By Eva Halper and Ros Tennyson


  • By Leda Stott

Leading Thoughts:

  • Creating Space For Innovation: Understanding Enablers For Multi-Sector Partnerships (Ken Caplan)
  • Partnerships And Civil Society: What Civil Society Are We Talking About? (Richard Holloway)
  • The United Nations And Business: Global Partnership In Action (David F. Murphy)

Thinking In Progress:

  • Back To Basics: Business And Ngo Approaches To Partnership Scoping (Saskia Merriman)
  • The Missing Development Link? Social Capital And Partnerships In The Niger Delta (Bolarinwa Onaolapo)
  • Enhancing The ‘Value Add’ In The Partnership Review Process (Karin Lorenzon)
  • Co-Operation Under Control? The Dilemma Of Partnering With The State (Girma Ejere)
  • Instructing The Partnership Animal: Lessons From A Learning Partnership (Rosemary Rop)

Developing ‘Reflective’ Practice:

  • Introduction by Ros Tennyson & Michael Warner
  • Capturing Partnership Learning: The Value Of Keeping A Record (Sharon Laws)
  • Beyond A Shared Vision: Building Partnerships With The Private Sector (Renata Pereira)
  • Insight From The Details: Team Spirit And The Logbook (Ernest Boucher)
  • Acting On The Learning (Natalia Gonchar)

Leading Edge Practice:

  • Brokering The Partnering Idea: A Case Study (Ros Tennyson & Rafal Serafin)
  • Removing Barriers To Effective Partnerships: A Risk Management Tool (Julie Mundy)
  • A Delicious Way To Do Business: Commercial And Ethical Success Through A Cocoa Fair Trade Partnership (Jacqui Macdonald)
  • Business-Community Connections: Innovation In Water And Sanitation Services To The Urban Poor (Salma Sadikha)